Youtue Money

Youtube Money

YouTube Money – What do these two terms have in common with each other? Yes, you are right, you can make quite a lot of money with YouTube ! With this system, many people make more than a million dollars a year.

But let’s get more into this. The most interesting fact that you will understand from this article is that YouTube is not just a “money-cutting factory”. That is, this is not a place where you just have to make money. Plenty of people start their business on YouTube, open their own channels, make videos for the sake of money. It doesn’t actually work, because the audience realizes how genuine your work is!

Success stories !

If you look at the stories of the most successful YouTubers, you will find, that most of them didn’t even think about making money during opening their channel. They wanted to share their ideas to a wide audience, wanted to become a celebrity, that’s why they became successful, viewers felt their Genuity, click the subscribe button and still remained loyal !

After this process, the channel monetization process starts automatically ! (Official requirements 1000 subscribers, 4,000 minutes Wachtime over the last 12 months).

Youtube Money

If people are genuinely interested in your channel, they will contact you with suggestions. But over time, with the increase in subscribers, these offers already make perfect financial sense, become interesting and profitable for you.

After 1000 subscription

After 1000 subscriptions, the process switches to almost automatic mode ! Your videos are added to the views and the channel to the subscribers. You already have the option to send a monetization request to YouTube ! which will be satisfied with a month and you will receive a PIN for activation of ad account (Adsense).
Still, let’s answer the key question – how much does it cost to start all this?! Is Youtube Money reality ? The creation of a YouTube channel needs a lot of time, nerves, and some finances. Does all of this worth it? The answer is probably individual for every person ! But it probably sounds like that – if you have a thing that you love, you also think you have valuable knowledge and are ready to share it with everyone ? Then you should definitely start! Don’t wait for the result in the first year, though, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get any income in the first year.

Start is difficult !

I know YouTubers who made a 5-digit profit in the first month just because they got it in the right place at the right time ! They filmed something that people were very interested in at the time ! Because of it, the results were instant.
And yet, what kind of money should we expect to make after the creation of the YouTube channel? In the first year, your income is below $ 2000. Be happy if you get closer to this benchmark.

Statistically, beginners in the first year can not earn even $ 1,000. You should start making money from the second and third years. It’s nonsense doing business for two years and not even earn $ 10,000 by the end of the year. If you have worked hard for 2 years and earned less than $ 10k – it is best to leave this business alone, or choose another niche for yourself! This will be the best option for you. By the third year, your earnings should exceed $ 20K. This is the minimum number and only from YouTube.

Monwy outside of Youtube

In our articles we often talk about that revenue does not just come only directly from YouTube, lots of people contact us and ask us to advertise their service and product – it’s extra money. Extra income is also donations that work quite well ! As well as the affiliate link, where money flows throughout the year.

Yes, this process is really interesting. And most importantly – long-lasting. I know that if I make 40k today, my earnings will increase quite a bit over the next 2-3 years. I expect to double them without any problem, maybe even tripling- it all depends on our work and efforts.

It’s never late !

So it’s never too late, start right now, time is flying so fast it’s too hard to catch up. Often I wonder why I didn’t start making videos earlier, but I calm myself because I started at least 4 years ago, and I think that was a very important and successful step in my life. So I recommend you too! Get started and I’m sure you will be proud of your step after one year! So – I wish you good luck with YouTube.