Youtube CPM

Youtube CPM

Classicaly, CPM means ,,Cost per mile”, but youtube CPM is somethis different.
Youtube CPM
– An interesting and important name that confuses and misleads many people. We will fully explain what CPM specifically means on YouTube.

Cost per mille

In general, CPM translates as Cost per mille – though specifically for the YouTube platform it means what is the cost per 1000 views!

That is, if Google tells us that CPM for a particular channel will be 2 cents, it means to us as an advertiser that we will have to pay 2 cents to Google for every 1000 views of our ad. This is a conditional example, don’t you think it’s such cheap to advertise on Google 😊;

On the other hand

If you own a Channel, the CPM indicator gives you information on how expensive is ad placement on your channel! The more it costs, the better it is for you! Why? Because it pays a lot of money in advertising, 32 percent of that money goes to Google itself. The remaining 68 percent to your account! However, when discussing this data, one important fact needs to be considered!

Don’t divide the total views of your video on the amount paid by Google in these views! This will get you the wrong CPM rate! CPM rate only includes commercial views, in which the ads of an advertiser featured in. Otherwise, our channel will have a lot of views where no ads appear to the visitor! Similar views when calculating CPM rate, of course, does not count!

CPM indicator

Now let’s talk about what CPM indicator is good for our channel. The answer is – $ 7-10! However, such a CPM rate is really high! They have narrow-group targeted financial ads, where the price of one ad click goes up to astronomical sums!

However, if you have average CPM on your channel for around $ 4-5, this is a good indicator. Generally, as of 2018, the average CPM for all channels on YouTube was $ 2.8, and the CPC (we’ll talk about that later) was $ 0.75. Therefore, if you are paid more than $ 2.8 by Google for every 1000 monetized views of your video. This is a good indicator, so your rating is above than Google’s average financial rankings.

Gaming CPM

A separate topic of discussion is Gaming CPM! What is the average CPM for the gaming channel? In fact, I’ve seen channels in the gaming direction with an average CPM of about $ 5, though it’s a very rare occurrence, in most cases, the indicator is within $ 2, which is pretty normal.

If you own a gaming channel and earn $ 2 or more on every 1,000 commercials from Google, I think you have everything in order ! Just keep adding interesting content and your average CPM will grow over time.

Also important is the technique of how to calculate the channel CPM, or what to expect when creating a channel, what is the ideal CPM rate? To do this, we need to open our Adsense account (the channel would certainly need to be monetized)! Go to settings, then analytics, and observe a total number of views, count commercial views, and divide every 1,000 units by the amount Google paid for our video views! We will get specific CPM for our channel. We can also go into the analytics section of our own YouTube channel and figure it all out from there (the latter is simpler).

Types of Views !

There is one important moment ! ! There are 2 types of views – commercial and ordinary. The ordinary is the view on which Google did not place any ads or views that your channel had accumulated before the monetization process. Obviously, such views are not considered in the process of calculating CPM. Otherwise, we will receive a pointless amount of money, which would be very uncomfortable for us. How to increase CPM on our channel? This requires the placement of content that is most appealing to the viewer.

CPM by Countries

Youtube CPM by Countries

The list of countries is also important. For example, CPM for American and Canadian visitors is typically higher than for Asian. Western European countries are leading to CPM rates compared to Eastern European countries. Target groups are also important – About what topic is your channel? Try to attract more high-income viewers in order to simply increase CPM on your channel.
If you need more Information about  Youtube money, you can find in our next article.
So control your youtube CPM! This will improve your channel’s rating and attract more viewers!