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Youtube Books – Youtuber Writers !

Why does this YouTuber actually write her own books? You heard something about Youtube Books – Youtuber Writers ?
YouTube is a different way of life! Being a YouTuber means to be popular with the community when people care about the issues you are talking in your videos! It is logical that a person, after gaining some popularity, is eager to grow this popularity and to share his thoughts with even more people!

About Amazon

The perfect platform for this is Amazon, which allows people to place books for free on this platform and also to receive 70 percent of the revenue from each book sold. But first, before we talk about the financial side, it is better to touch the moral side !

If people are watching your YouTube channel, they care about your opinion, they like you! This is a sign that they probably like your writing as well! After the creation of Amazon Kindle, the traditional book business that was practically on the edge of collapse resurrected again!

People like to read books in their widget, it’s convenient and comfortable for them! That’s why this is your chance to introduce your opinion to a wide audience. Also, it’s easy for any YouTuber to promote the book to the public! Why? Because they already have a YouTube channel! The opportunity for them to give tens to hundreds of thousands of people a voice about their new work!

Youtube Books – Youtuber Writers

Youtube Books - Youtuber Writers !

How do you think why Celebrities write books about their own lives?

Because they are confident in their successful sales! People are interested in someone else’s life, and it’s normal! I have also written a book! Truth to be told, I made a great income from this book, and most importantly ! I sold quite a lot in the first week! It all happened just because I said one word in my YouTube video about my new book, and book sales have begun to get active since the video was uploaded! The system of e-commerce sales is almost the same. When the platform analyzes that the public likes something and it gets paid attention from the day it launches (no matter whether it’s a video or a book), it puts it in the top position in the search system! And this is a sign that we have a lot of viewers, which brings a very high sales chance, regardless of what the book says, whether it’s interesting or not.

In addition, there are some inner moments – you want to leave your opinions to the world! You want to give your thoughts because we humans are social beings! We need the attention of others, also we want to give others our attention! The universe is arranged exactly by this principle!

So my advice would be to give your thoughts to the audience in any way at the beginning! Creation of any kind of community that would be interested in your ideas is enough, the following steps are easy ! Offer different things- book, brochure, instructional video, design or some service! The main thing is peoples’ trust and after that promoting is a relatively easy task! We’ll post some more articles on our channel about Amazon Kindle, we think this will be a very interesting topic for many people!

Good luck !