How much money on youtube

How much do you make on youtube !

We want to show you specific numbers from the YouTube channel control panel to see how much money a particular YouTuber will generate through their YouTube channels. However, before we start talking about others, first;y I will tell you about myself and show you my earnings! ——————-
I Offer you earnings of my YouTuber friends in pictures. I found some of them in the Google search system, assembled and collected for you, I think it will be interesting and useful for both beginners and professional YouTubers. (pictures————)
Following these screenshots, I will also tell you my story, which may be motivating for many beginners!
I created the channel on YouTube in 2012, but it was an inactive channel. I Rarely posted information on my channel, and I didn’t even think I could make real money on YouTube. My channel is in the financial category. In the first year, my expenses were much more than my income. Why? Because you need a high-quality microphone, camera, software to work with your videos. You will also need a tripod and lots of other details that will ultimately be quite expensive. However, after 2014, the situation has changed radically! I had accumulated over 1000 subscribers and had over 4,000 views over the last 12 months. That meant I could turn on monetization on the channel, and I sent an application to Google. It took about a month for the system to be set up and after that, the first paid ad appeared on my channel. I was terribly pleased – it was one of the first income from the Internet for me! This has given me a lot more motivation to upload more and more videos on my channel. My activity for YouTube didn’t go unnoticed and subscribers have added to my channel pretty actively. Hundreds of subscribers in a week, which in turn increased the visibility of videos on my channel.

In the third year of monetization, I was able to make $ 10,000. However, this was not just the amount paid by YouTube for advertising – I added a donation button to my channel and I also added the affiliate links.
As the channel has grown in popularity, I have received emails, offers, from many companies, to post their product on my channel, in the video description below, or making a single video about their company, product or service. From the beginning I was skeptical towards their work – people trusted me, watched my channel, I had to offer them a foreign product I hadn’t used myself, I didn’t know if it was good or bad, it worked, or if it was just a deceptive trap. So I turned down their suggestions. I have only agreed to place their advertising link in the video description, provided that I post the following information: This link is intended for advertising and belongs to our sponsor. By doing so, I thought I would avoid responsibility and my channel would only play the role of an information provider in this case. With similar activities, I practically received the same amount of money that Google paid me for advertising. If I started to shoot someone else’s ordered videos, I probably would have increased my revenue from YouTube by 400% to $ 40,000 instead of $ 10,000.
10,000 subscribers brought me the first big success. This number was exactly the turning point for my channel. Here is the psychological factor as well. When a person sees that the channel has a five-digit subscription army, its confidence, and trust in the channel increases. I have reached 10,000 subscribers in a year in total. After 10,000 subscribers, channel subscribers started to grow by itself, people shared my channel on social networks, emailing each other, which affected me a lot, and my average watching time on 1 video increased by 220%. That was a very cool indicator.
At present, I think I should not focus entirely on the money paid directly by Google. More interesting and financially profitable are external offerings from YouTube – people who pay a lot in advertising of their product. You can also put donation buttons on the channel. This system works very well. I couldn’t believe it, though people started to transfer money to support the channel, and that money was coming straight to me. That money was an incentive for me to make more and better quality videos. Affiliate systems are more interesting that work quite well in selecting the right audition. Unfortunately, most YouTubers use similar links to promote Chinese products from AliExpress. I’m not fond of such a strategy. I recommend that you should promote the narrow category products, which you are using and you are confident in the high quality of this product or service. The most precious in YouTube channel are the subscribers who trust you. The most valuable are the immobile strings that are spinning between you and your channel viewers. Believe me, neither your videos nor your Google paid ads or promotional orders are expensive than this! So take care of this relationship and offer your viewers only the best. Only then you will achieve great success both on YouTube and in life. I wish you Good luck with youtube!