Most disliked youtube videos

Most disliked youtube videos:

Here you will get Information about Most disliked Youtube Videos ! Top 10 !


1. “Youtube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls the Rewind”

This is one of the videos that collected the most dislikes in 2018 and maintains “advanced” positions for the 2019 period. The reason probably is the meaninglessness of the clip !  Footage moves so that it’s very difficult to get an idea of what the author of the clip wants to say. This is probably the reason why this video has so many dislikes, despite the fact that there are a lot of famous people participating in this clip…


2. Justin Bieber — “Baby ft. Ludacris”

Personally, I have never met a person, who has a neutral attitude towards Justin Bieber ! He is either loved with 100% or hated drastically! Alongside its multitude army of fans, there are web pages and articles titled – Make Justin Bieber quiet – Stop singing and so on.

However, if we consider that this video was the most disliked among his videoes, we must assume that it did not take much work and effort. It’s OK, Justin, this doesn’t bother your fans and they still love you a lot!


3. Jake Paul — “It’s Everyday Bro (Song) feat. Team 10”

Jake Paul – One of the craziest people in the world, at least in the YouTube world. He is one of the most profitable YouTubers and we also wrote a separate article about the richest YouTubers (link). However, this clip of his was not the most successful. Why? Probably the reason lies directly in the content of the clip! People were expecting crazy videos, humor, and adventures from him, and he sang … hmm …

It looks like it would be better for him not to sing but to do some crazy stuff again.

4. Official “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” Reveal Trailer

3.8 million dislikes. Hmmm … interesting. This process is very likely related to the events of 2018 (YouTube Rewind 2018). However, in general, gamers were probably expecting a lot more from the new version of their favorite game. It wasn’t good luck for its creators at this time.

5. PewDiePie — “Can this video get 1 million dislikes?”

I think everything is clear about this video – the author came up with quite an interesting and intriguing title. So, I think these dislikes should not be linked with viewers’ antipathy but to the author’s request. However, it is because of the high rate of dislikes that has made the video author so popular.

6. Rebecca Black – Friday

Rebecca Black – a popular teenage singer with over a million subscribers. However, her song uploaded seven years ago (in 2011), is clearly not very lucky – 3.5 million dislikes against 1 million likes. As people on YouTube comment sections point out, the content of the song was not that interesting, there were mistakes in the clip, and the clip gained popularity at a negative rate – with a number of dislikes.

7. Bibi H – How it is ( wap bap … )

At first glance, a charming girl sings ordinary pop music, but … in fact, this song received 3 million dislikes. Truth be told, I have read a lot of comments, but I didn’t really understand the specific reason this video received so many negative reviews. Mostly, people complain about pointless melody and a bad story. I don’t know, judge it yourself …

8. Despasito

I didn’t even think it was going to get more than 4 million dislikes, but despite all these assumptions. It is clear that there are more than 4 million people in the World who probably didn’t like the song, or we can hope that they accidentally hit the dislike button.

9. Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris (Official Music Video)

It is well known that Justin Bieber is distinguished by his extraordinary. This is exactly how his video came to be, amazing to everyone he has 10 million dislikes and is included in the top three titled: Most disliked videos on youtube. In the comments, people actively write that they came in not just to listen to the song and watch the clip, but to check the number of dislikes. What can we do, this is also one of the ways to gain popularity.

10. Tati from James Charles

Unfortunately, this video is not currently viewable on YouTube because the author has removed it. Removed because the channel lost a record number of more than 1 million subscribers after recording this video. The relationship between Tati and James Charles has spread around the world and even several programs were dedicated to them on television.

                  Most disliked Youtube video

This was the top of Most disliked youtube videos ! If you want more Information about Youtube earning, you fill find all this Information in our website !

We should distinguish two terms: videos with the most dislikes and videos that are least liked by people. The first option is pretty easy to understand, just find the videos, count their dislikes, and select a Top 10 out of them.

However, this does not mean that people hate these videos the most! It is well known that the more views a video has, the more ratings it has: Ratings are both positive and negative. That means that no matter how good a video is, it will still have critics!  The more views your video has, the more criticism it will get.

For example, we can remember a well-known video: “Gangnam Style.” This video was a breakthrough in the YouTube space. Gangnam Style is still popular today and it is clear that it is loved by people, but it is among the top 10 most disliked videos ever! what does this mean?  This means that from a large audience we can always find people with different points of view ! They will click dislike to the video, and the higher number of views the video has, the higher the number of similar people we can meet! Then what are some ways to calculate which videos people don’t like? We are going to present our vision about this: – It is required to Introduce another index, calculated as follows:

Ratio of video likes to the number of video dislikes. For example, if 100 people liked your video and 10 disliked it, your viewers’ approval would be 100/10 = 10! One to ten is wonderful and is perfectly normal on YouTube because you won’t find any video that has more than 100,000 views and no dislikes! What can we do, people are different, and when we upload videos for YouTube’s billions of audiences, we introduce them to our work and our thinking.We should always be ready for criticism! In this conversation, we came to the second part of the issue, which is: most hated videos on youtube! These are exactly the videos that people don’t like!
Also, take a look at the list of years: for example in 2016, completely different videos were not liked by people, tastes changed in 2017, then in 2018, and so on.

2019 list has already been offered on our channel. We believe that the list by 2020 will not change much.

Now I think, you have full infomration, about Most disliked youtube videos ! 

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