How to make money on Youtube

How to make money on Youtube

How to make money on Youtube?  On average, YouTuber earns up to $ 200-300 per month! Though this number may be different for every YouTuber! Some of them make millions on their Adsense account, some just a few dollars!

The fact of how much you get on your YouTube channel depends on two factors !

  • How many views your average video has and traffic source
  • From which country your viewers are coming from.

Both factors play a decisive role in how much money you will get on your AdSense account at the end of the year!

                                  But the main point is the scheme:

How to make money on Youtube

In what ways YouTubers earns this money  ?  The answer is simple – with the videos, they upload or, more accurately, with the people who watch their videos! Yes, do not be surprised, your time is money!

Google, along with the creators of the video, inserts ads directly at the beginning of the video, in the upper right corner. When you watch this video, the amount is credited to the video creator as an ad, and the amount is also credited if you click on this ad!
However, there are two types of money-earning on YouTube

  • The money from Adsense
  • Off Adsense Revenue

Adsense’s revenue is simple – you turn monetization to your channel, Google will place ads on your videos ! You get revenue based on the number of views ! But there is a second way of revenue too:  You place a product, service or brand ad on Google Videos yourself ! Or you make the full video directly and advertiser transfers some money for this action.

The latter is becoming increasingly popular among YouTubers, as Google has recently toughened the monetization process. The system works quite simple – you are contacted by an advertiser – you agree to a certain amount of money and promote its products among your channel subscribers. It is also possible to find the desired products yourself, put it in the video description as an affiliate link. Wait to see how many people click on it and then buy the product you recommend. And as a result of this process, you will receive some money.

There is a Donate Button

That is becoming more and more popular among Western YouTube channels. This is a normal and exciting way to earn extra money on your channel ! You put a PayPal donation button and during running a video offer people if they like your video and want you to actively post new videos every day, make a donation for your channel. This is a good way to receive a generous amount of money at the end of the month.

There is another source of income

For not so popular YouTubers. This is the amount transferred by Google through sponsorship. What is Sponsorship? This is the moment when the viewer pays a certain amount of money to show him / her no more advertising on YouTube. Google is a pretty fair company ! So it gives you a fair share of this amount of money paid by customers! I can’t say that revenue from this kind of traffic is high, but if a large number of subscribers and visitors visit your site – why not!
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