How to make youtube chanel

How to make a Youtube Channel

How to make a youtube channel: Are you a beginner YouTuber and want to have your own channel? This is a very good choice! In this article, we will talk about it and give you a lot of good tips that will help you to build a good channel. Let’s get started!

First of all – Research – Analyze !

The first thing to do is to find a topic that is desirable for you! This is very important and necessary! Many people just start uploading videos without any prior analysis. A year, 2 years pass- but the result is zero. The reason is choosing the wrong topic.

What does it mean to choose the right topic? This means you need to find categories of videos that people are actively watching on YouTube. Popular categories are music, movies, entertainment, funny videos, kids, animals followed by personal blogs. Here the matter is not so simple. There are so many bloggers on YouTube and you have to compete with them! That is, you have to create content that no one else has, and at the same time, people are interested in it!

So let’s move on to the practical tips:

  • Just open the YouTube window and scroll the channels based on your chosen topic!
  •   See how many views they have, how many people comment, which videos are the most popular on their channel!

For example, I was doing like this: I was choosing successful YouTubers and watching their channel to see which video had the most views. Then I copied this video and searched for other channels too.Ooften you will find videos that have a specially high number of views on the channel (100 times, sometimes even 1000 times more) compared to other videos. This is a sign that viewers are interested in this particular video at the moment! That means that you are on the right track!

Nest Step !

Make your own video about this popular video and you are likely to attract thousands of viewers and dozens of subscribers in the first week! Remember, Content is the king! It only decides how many views and subscribers the channel will have! Also, the factor of competitors is important! You can find a similar video, though may so many people and great channels already have videos like this that your video is likely to be lost in the big competition! That’s why you have to choose such a topic where you have less competition and great interest from society! This is the best strategy for starting a YouTube channel! It is best to focus on content that has not yet been uploaded to YouTube. Because of this, you will not have opponents for a short period of time and you will be able to attract viewers. Already when you have a large audience, you can easily compete with others!

Let’s more practice !

In the practical part, a few tools will help you do your research on YouTube: these are ,,Kyword everywhere”,  ,,Tubebuddy”, ,,Social blade”, ,,Youtube studio”, ,, Keyword tool”, ,,Camtasia”.

Let’s discuss each of them. Keywords everywhere – The plugin, that shows us the keywords – that is, the words that people are searching for. It’s a completely free plugin, just set it up, type in a Google search keyword. Hit Enter, at the right corner of the screen will show you the keywords people are searching for in the Google search engine, along with the keyword you specify. This is a unique resource for video description and title writing.

As for the second plugin – Tubebuddy ! It integrates with your YouTube channel, making it easy to manage the channel ! Create the necessary components for the channel such as title, tags, description, thumbnail, etc.

The Social blade is a plugin that connects social networks with YouTube and allows us to analyze and refine actions to get people from social networks to the YouTube channel.

Youtube studio This is a place where all YouTubers are required to spend at least a couple of hours a day 😊 ! Here video content is processing, adding stories, improving voice and overall acquiring the final look hat the viewer will eventually see. As for Keyword tool – It’s one of my favorite resources, it gives us what people search for in a specific YouTube search system.

This is important

Tt the beginning, since I  have seen many channels with good content, but because these channels did not have properly spelled keywords, people in search systems simply could not find them ! That is why they have fewer visitors and subscribers.

The last one is Camtasia Studio – This is a program that will help you to render, stream and record your videos. It is one of the best in its field. With it, you can easily record the image running on the computer screen and process it.

Most importantly, this program is designed for beginner YouTubers and is very easy to use. However, the most important thing that you need during working on YouTube is great patience and hard work! This is the most helpful and successful tool of all the above listed 😊

Here is shown billow info-graphics, how is going this process step by step !
How much do youtubers make

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so I wish you patience, a lot of success and good luck with youtube!

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