How to earn money from youtube

How to earn money from Youtube

How to earn money from youtube – Is it possible to make money from YouYube ? The answer is easy – It is! It just takes a lot of effort, nerves, and patience!

Specifically, let’s answer the question of how to make money from YouTube – record interesting videos and upload them to our YouTube channel!

People are interested in…

People like videos that haven’t posted anywhere yet, they like talking about a topic that no one has ever talked about! You need to find such a topic. This is a process of choosing a niche on YouTube and is considered the most responsible first step on the road to becoming YouTuber.

This is the process when you are analyzing many channels, looking at how many views a particular video has accumulated, and concluding that analysis ! This topic is active to YouTube at this point! If you have not chosen the niche correctly, believe me, no matter how long it passes, 1,2,3 or even six years, your channel will still have several hundred viewers. And this is nothing for YouTube!

Then how should we act?

Generate ideas! Make a list of all the genres and videos that have generated great views on YouTube and try to answer the question ! – What theme, attitude or factor made specific videos so popular?! Be sure to write it all down, and when you have enough information, analyze it! Don’t be guided by your own opinions! For example, I like a video about digging the ground – Don’t limit yourself only your own narrow interests ! No matter what you like, most importantly what the viewer likes! Your video is created for the viewer and not for you!
When the first and most difficult process of selecting a niche is complete, you can now boldly switch to the second part of the plan, which is creating content or shooting videos!

Lets’ start !

Don’t buy an expensive camera at the beginning, many YouTubers use a mobile phone to shoot video successfully! However, you need to have at least a low-level microphone, as the voice is more important to the viewer than the image.

The viewer may forgive you some flaws in the video, but if the channel visitor is impressed that you are talking 100 yards away, trust me, no matter what special effects the video has, he will not listen to you ! He will switch his attention to another video!

The number of videos is important as well. Don’t think that 1 video per month, especially in the beginning, will win the hearts of viewers! Also keep in mind that not all the videos you shoot will be successful for your YouTube channel, which is why you will need to remove some of them.

So shoot a lot, a lot of videos!

This will allow you to cut, combine them and finally offer the viewer an exciting option! However, it is important for YouTube to recognize that your channel is “alive“, i.e you are constantly providing news to your viewers. If I don’t upload a new video on my channel for 2 weeks, channel subscribers are already complaining and texting all this in private messages. Then YouTube makes lost my videos from a leading position to the search system. Various programs are used to process videos. Our advice would be to start with simple, easy-to-understand software, and then switch to multi-functional software such as Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas. But don’t assume that there are no other programs in the world except for those two – no! But they won’t be convenient for you in the beginning!

And here’s the last

Most responsible moment of channel optimization – definitely optimize your channel!  When a viewer enters your channel, he or she should know what that channel is – entertainment, reality, financial, personal blogs or more. This kind of segmentation can be a great way to get top positions in the search system.
Afterward, when you are through all the stages, you can apply for channel monetization with Google. Your channel needs to meet the monetization minimum set directly by Google: 4000 continuous 1-hour views over a 12-month period and 10,000 subscribers on your channel. Of course, if you are exceeding these requirements, this is very cool, but you still have to do this minimum.
As soon as Google approves your offer, you’ll be able to place ads delivered by it in your videos. Slowly, as you turn the videos on, you will find that the ad appears in the upper left corner of YouTube ! Then the ads slowly appear at the beginning of the videos and then in the middle. This is a sign that you have done everything right and the result appeared!

I wish you a lot of ads and earning good money through YouTube!

This Infographics will show You visually the process, How to earn money from Youtube step by step !
How to earn money from Youtube