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How much money do YouTubers make

To answer this quastion (How much money do youtubers make) is simpe – the amount depends on the number of audiences! The more subscribers and viewers your channel has, the more money you can make!

Very generally speaking, for every 1,000,000,000 visitors, you make about $ 300 – $ 1,000 from YouTube. This number depends on which countries you have the most viewers from.

The top countries are:

  • America,
  • Canada,
  • UK,
  • Germany,
  • France.

Followed by Central Europe, Asia, and Africa.

However, if you ask this question to YouTuber, he will answer you – I earn a little! – This is a traditional answer from YouTuber, no one wants to talk about their earnings from youtube openly. Tough we do have general statistics about how much does the average statistical YouTuber earn annually in different countries. These statistics are constantly changing.
Let’s agree on the most important thing – you can make quite a lot of money from YouTube!

In addition, we should specify that there are 3 types of revenue:
  1. The amount that YouTube pays for ads that are placed on our channel.
  2. External ads – that is, people who contact us separately and ask us to place their ad on our channel (this may be a product review).
  3. a final, third option – when we include different types of links in our video descriptions!  whether it’s an affiliate link or a donation request to the viewer.

By the way, the donation link has been working quite well in recent years, and many gamers earn more money from donations than from YouTube itself.
For motivation, let’s take a look at the list of YouTubers who have only received millions from YouTube over the years! About this article we have written specially Topic. Here is an Article about personally my youtube earnings too.

Youtube Milliners

Besides, we should take into consideration, that this is only revenue from YouTube officially ! This amount does not include external earnings from YouTube, which are usually more than the amount officially transferred by Google!

But it is not easy way..

Nowadays, the duration of uploaded videos are 500 hours in every minute on YouTube, and that number is growing every year! That’s huge content and over 3 billion audiences! That’s huge money! However, no one should think that once you open a channel you will be able to make a lot of money instantly. Statistically, beginner YouTuber earns less than $ 1,000 in a year.  In most cases, with no revenue beyond $ 200 in the first six months. During this time, costs are much more than its revenue, because it requires high-cost technical equipment to shoot a video:

  • camera,
  • microphone,
  • video processing software,
  • and so on.

Successes is Great !

However what happens after a year? After a year the situation is radically changing! Subscribers are being added to the channel, which automatically reflects the number of video views! On average, after a year YouTuber already earns $ 1000- $ 5,000 annually! This is already the amount that can be spent on hardware and basic expenses ! But the basic earnings start in the third year when profits rise above $ 5,000 and often reach tens of thousands of US dollars without any problems!

Content is a King !

However, the answer on question(How much money do YouTubers make) it all depends on the channel and the content ! The number of visitors, and their origin – where they come from to see your video content. Google also treats content differently!  If your channel is about finance, it’s more likely that Google will pay you at least 5 times more per ad click than if your channel was just about the fun activities or gaming.

But there is one important point ! Entertaining channels always have more viewers and subscribers than just boring financial ones ! In such kind of videos everyone is focused on investing in some pointless project and getting a decent percentage of your lost money.

Youtube Earning Calculating:

There are special calculators where you can see how much money the channel owner is making based on different numbers of views, though I would like to assure you that these calculators do not perform well! Their error is so high that you are likely to be mistaken! Really there are many factors which affect how much money you make with the channel that no calculator can count it.
In spite of all this, I would like to give you general numbers to give people an approximate orientation during opening a channel:
Google pays you about 68 percent of the amount the advertiser pays to it ! Which means that if James, for example, decides to place an ad with using Google and he pays Google $ 100, Google will pay you $ 68 ! The remaining $ 32 takes itself.

Believe me, there are quite a lot of “Jameses” like this on a daily basis, the important thing is that your channel should be in their advertising interests.
The leading trends for 2019 are personal blogs, entertainment channels, diets, recipes, wildlife, and animals. Try to make your channel about the mentioned topics.

One’s again, How much money do YouTubers make:

Google pays you money for four types of advertising: for the ad at the beginning of the video that you can’t skip physically:

  • For the ad at the beginning of the video, which has a skip button after 5 seconds;
  • For the ad you place in the middle of the video,
  • And for the ad in the top right corner of your channel that the user clicks with his desire.

it’s important! Google actually pays you not just for simple views (it’s a miserably small amount), but for clicking on the ad offered by the client. That’s why it’s important your content to be in accordance with the interest of the advertiser ! So that as many people as possible can see and click on the ad offered on your page.

Based on general statistics (everything depends on the channel and its content, as well as many other factors) for 1 subscriber it pays 3 cents. this was general information about YouTuber’s income in Sweden, I think it would be interesting for you.

Thanks for your attention, I think, now you know answer on question: How much money do YouTubers make.

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