My Youtube Earnings

How much money do you make on Youtube:

Honestly, I do not like, when people are asking me: Hey, how much money do you make on youtube ? But I will answer you open ! Personally, I make $ 35,000 through YouTube every year! I will give you all the information on how many views and subscriptions I have achieved this result!

About My Chanel, Youtube Revenue !

My videos have more than 31k views per day, which totals 11 million views a year. Specifically, from the 11M views from YouTube, I get $ 24 000. However, this is only money transferred by YouTube, though my income is not limited only from Google Adsense! I have a donation button turned on, as well as I get money from Affiliate Links and direct ad orders! In total, Google gives me $ 20,000 annually, and I get about $ 15,000 from external activities! And also I never make promotional videos, I only include product links in my video descriptions!

                 But It was really hard way !

How much do I make on youtube

It took me about 4 years to get to this position. In the first year, my income was minimal. It barely covered my spending, but by the third year my income had clearly increased and over the fourth year, it had exceeded 30,000.

I’m currently stuck at 35,000, though I’m not stopping and still adding at least 1 video per week for activity. And that’s all from 1 channel! I have other channels open and I have big plans in that direction!
I also want to look into the pockets of different YouTubers for motivation and show you what they really earn. We have already talked about the most successful ones in our previous article. But on average, the amounts generated vary widely by region. The leading countries are the United States and Canada, followed by Britain, and other Eastern European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc.

Will be better, if your Chanel language will be English !

That is why the launch of the YouTube channel in the language spoken by just a few million people, I think, will not work. This strategy only works if you want to promote a certain product or service in the local market, though you have nothing to do with Google Adsense.

We have similar channels that offer consulting services to people and I think they work quite successfully. However, if I link these channels to Google’s Adsense, I will earn a few tens of dollars a year, and it’s also questionable…

Niche – Most Important Thing in yotube Business !

After the language, the biggest value belongs to Niche – starting a YouTube channel without analysis and just uploading videos – is a way of failing ! That can’t bring you even a little income. Look up through Google Trends !  What products, services, themes are on the trend today, see how fast its schedule is growing and only then make a decision.

I would much rather recommend entertainment and financial channels. While Google pays a lot more in financial channels than entertainment ones. It is much easier to get subscribers and viewers into entertainment channels. It should be noted that there is high competition in the financial sector and beginners find it particularly difficult to take the first steps there.

                             Start is allays Hard !

Youtube money

On YouTube, as one of the business types, the most difficult part is making the first steps, after 1000 subscriptions if you don’t stop posting videos, people will add on your channel themselves. Nowadays I get a lot of E-mails that my channel has been subscribed to by different people. It’s cool … But It takes a lot of time, patience and nerves to get to this result.

How much money do you make on Youtube – My friends !

With the permission of my YouTuber friends, I would also like to share their earnings. One of them, Alex is from Russia, we have never met one another because it is thousands of kilometers away from us geographically. It creates English-language content in the entertainment field. Its channel mainly comprises visitors from the US, UK, and Canada. His channel has about 20 million views. He earns $ 32,000 annually.
My German friend is even more successful, with 25 million views on his channel, generating up to 40,000 euros annually. Its target audience is German-speaking only. He’s just a blogger, reviewing public events and being well known in Germany. I didn’t ask permission, so I’m reluctant to put his channel here, but he is so much desirous that I’m sure you will hear from him soon. For more Information, I think, you can check our Website.


Most important is that any activity takes quite a long time. If you do not start today, one year later you will be dreaming that you should start now! The older your channel is, the more authority it gets in the Google system. So don’t waste your time, get started right now, and in a few years, you might be among the top ten YouTubers in our article!
I hope, very soon a lot of people will ask You – How much money do you make on Youtube ?

Good Luck !