How much do Youtubers make per Video

How much do Youtubers make per Video

How much do Youtubers make per Video – Of course, the answer to this question is individual  ! For each YouTuber, the rate is different for one video ! But in this article, we will still try to give you general information on how much money YouTuber earns on average per a video, we think this information will be interesting especially for beginners.

So before we can answer the question,

We need to see how many views our video has. Approximately every 1000 views are $ 2-7 per video. This number depends on which country your viewers are from.  We often write on our site about these things: The most “expensive” are several countries: the United States, Canada, and the UK, as well as Western Europe. Comparatively less – Central and Eastern Europe. And if the traffic to your video is from Asia, then you can forget about earning from the YouTube platform.


On average, each beginner YouTuber earns between $ 10- $ 40 per video. This is the information from the time when the channel is recently opened and gathered the YouTube minimum set for channel monetization (1000 subscribers and over 4,000 Wachtimes over the last 12 months).

However, if you are an experienced YouTuber, then the output will be around $ 50-100 per video for a whole year in Finland. Of course, this is a very generic number, because a large number of subscribers and views play an important role in the channel! How many viewers saw an ad running on your channel, plus how many people clicked on that ad.

we have identified a third group – professional YouTubers,

People whose channel has over a million subscribers. Their revenue per video is radically different from beginner and experienced YouTubers. They make about $ 1,000 – $ 4,000 a year from 1 video! This is not a small amount, but believe me, there are hundreds of YouTubers who are making such amount of money, and most importantly, as time goes on, this amount increases even more.

What can we do to make money with our videos?

To do this, it is most important to get started working, uploading videos on YouTube! First, create content and make creative videos. Videos that haven’t been uploaded to YouTube or a few people have uploaded videos of a similar theme. This will avoid you from a great competition. If you are interested in this Topic, you can check our next article too.

Believe me, every successful YouTuber started with small steps and dreamed to have a few hundred subscribers on his channel, and nowadays it has millions of subscribers and their number is increasing daily. They wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without their first video recording, so get started!

No one knows how much success you are expected on YouTube!