How doas Youtube Pay

How does Youtube Pay

How does youtube pay ? – via Adsense !

YouTube is a subsidiary of Google. Google is well known – this is a giant internet site, an advertising mediator between advertisers and ad distributors!

To answer the first question – YouTube pays money in ads that can be placed on our YouTube channel by agreement. And to answer the technical question – how we get this money physically – the answer would be:

  • Bank Check
  • Bank Transfer
  • Fast Money Transfer Service – Western Union.

How does youtube pay technically ?

Now let’s talk about this topic in-depth! You have a channel that has a lot of subscribers and viewers. This process is already interesting to the person who sells certain services or products. He has the interest to place an ad about its product or service in the middle or beginning of your video. As a result, he will get a lot of views and a high probability of successful sales! For this, he can get in touch with you – contact to your YouTube channel ! But inserting a technical ad, negotiating a price, will create a very awkward and uncomfortable situation ! It will need a lot of time as well.

How doas youtube pay

It is at this moment that Google enters into a dialogue and offers its condition ! The advertiser will pay the money, Google, which owns YouTube, will receive 32% for the mediation service! In return, the advertiser, according to his budget, will place ads not only on one channel but across the entire YouTube.

Why is this interesting for you as an advertiser?

It is important for you to get the ad of your product or service to the target audience, that is, the audience that is most interested in your ad. Therefore, you should choose the YouTube channels that post videos about the topic of your product! To do this yourself, you have to search the entire YouTube and you are likely to find only 2-3% of the channels that exist in the entire YouTube system. Google helps you with this! In its system, it knows exactly the functionality, the themes, the audience of each channel. That’s why it distributes ads as much as possible and delivers them to the most interested audience!

Here’s an example: If you’re looking for a product, service, or program, if you look it up, on YouTube, on the Internet, and on websites, the ad about it will just pop out and follow you. Why is this happening? Because Google knows your behavior, your interests and offers the best of the products you are interested in at the moment!
This action works for all three parties! The channel owner gets paid for clicking on the ad because you’re interested in it.

The advertiser gets the best possible sales for his product, as his ads appear to those who are most likely interested in. Or want to buy a service or product and Google is happy with it as well! It gets pretty good 38 percent for this intermediate service! In the process, in the main case, the viewer is also satisfied! He mostly receives promotional information about the product that interests him most.

How to get money directly from the Google Adsense account to our pocket ?

Now let’s talk about the second part of our topic – the technical issues of how to get money directly from the Google Adsense account to our pocket. To answer this question, it is most important to determine our location – if we are citizens of US, Canada or EU member states, no problem will arise in this regard – just submit our own bank account and wait until the end of the month for youtube to calculate the amount of money ! After which during 3 working days We will receive money on our bank account.

If you are a citizen of Eastern European, Asian or African countries, you will have little trouble – your country is not physically included in Google’s bank account list. While that may not be a big problem, Google has other tax options for you – Check and Western Union. Checks are more widespread in Western countries, although they are slowly becoming common in Eastern Europe and Asia.

It is important here to call and ask your bank for a check fee in advance, as in some cases it can cost between $ 50 and $ 100. I like Western Union the most. It’s not cheap service, but the money will be reflected in your account within a maximum of 15 minutes from sending ! You will be able withdraw money in US dollars at almost any bank branch near the house, anywhere. More Information you can get in our website here.
now I think, you know, How does Youtube Pay !

Youtube Success !

I want to tell you that the creation and operation of a YouTube channel is nowadays a successful, trendy and profitable business. We recommend that you do not delay and start recording your first video from now on. Informatively, I think our site will help you quite a lot.

We wish you Good luck with YouTube.