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How do Youtubers make Money

How do YouTubers make money ? YouTube revenue for channel owners is divided into two parts:

  • The amount paid directly by Google, i.e the monetization earnings for channel owners (First part and following second one):
  • Indirect revenue: ordered videos,
  • Donations,
  • Affiliate links
  • Promotion of various channels.
    How do youtubers make money

This is a short answer to the question – how do YouTubers make money, though we have expanded it. If you want some detailed information on the subject, you can read the bottom of the article.

For that, we got even a special character – Ashley in our article. Since 2006, when Google bought YouTube, the popularity of YouTube has grown tremendously. This was also expected, as it is a huge video platform where you can easily communicate with billions of people – by video capture. With the growing popularity of this platform, the interest of investors has also been increased towards it.


The answer is simple – advertisers need people’s attention. People’s attention has been focused on YouTube for more than a decade. Segmentation was also highlighted:

  • some started talking about themselves,
  • some talked about finances in their videos,
  • some others posted video clips and their own songs.
  • Etc…

Advertisers also have an interest ! Imagine, you are selling perfumes for girls, at this time one of the YouTuber girls have a channel where she reviews things for girls. Iits channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers! Such a channel is a real gold mine for you! There is trust between the viewer and the author of the video ! Which means that one saying of YouTuber girl in her video is the equivalent of selling thousands of products for you!


You do not need direct communication with the authors of such videos – for this Google will play the role of mediator. It will get 32 percent of your money as a mediator. The remaining 68 percent will transfer to our virtual YouTuber girl. But let’s get more specific and get into the issue, by what means does our YouTuber girl named Ashley get the money and look at everything from her perspective.

For Example !

Ashley advertised a cosmetic company. She inserted a video of an advertiser in the middle of her video in which the company advertised its new facial care product. However, this wasn’t all !She still has a variety of ways to get money ! She can activate a donation button – to ask viewers to transfer donations of any amount.  It would be a very common occasion if Ashley gets about $ 2-3,000 in each video just from donations.

Why? Because viewers love Ashley, they love her videos and want  to shoot more videos for them. Everyone can transfer $2,3,4 or even $ 5 for Ashley’s Channel. She, meanwhile, had collected several thousand dollars from these $2-3. Pfff … it’s a wonderful scheme!

But Ashley’s possibilities don’t end there either!

She can not only advertise products to another perfume company but also sell them herself! The system is as follows – the company offers its products at a discount. For example, a $100 face cream for $50. You will be given a special link through which if the user buys the product, the system will recognize that you have brought her in!

As a result, out of the $ 100 paid by the customer, the company will save $ 50 on your account and the remaining $ 50 keeps on its own! This is a very active practice on YouTube and it is called Affiliate Marketing. So Ashley’s ways of earning money are expanding ! She can already post links to various companies in the video description and earn a pretty solid income from every product she sells.
Lastly, Ashley will definitely receive a lot of emails from various companies offering her a special separate video review on their products. This will bring Ashley at least $ 2-3,000 in revenue.

Finally !

So, in summary, I want to tell you that there are a lot of people like Ashley on YouTube and their number is growing every day. You can be one of them too, so don’t hesitate to start uploading funds to YouTube today, as you will get a lot of information on our site about this activity.
Now I think, you have answer on Question: How do YouTubers make money.

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