How do youtubers get paid

How do YouTubers get paid


Question, How do YouTubers get paid is very interesting for a lot of people. The answer is very simple – By AdSense – Google pays YouTubers for an advertisement that they post on their channel on the basis of agreement!

Now read more – It is well known that YouTubers make a good amount of money, but the system and scheme of why exactly does YouTube pay the channel owner some money is interesting; Or what more can we do to get money through our channel? At first, we could say that all the above mentioned is possible! It just needs a lot of nerves and patience.

If we simply answer the basic question – because of the ad that Google puts on our channel. Let’s ask the rhetorical question – where is the ad? – Where there are people – A lot of solvent people, that’s where the interest of the advertiser is. When your videos have thousands, tens of thousands, and millions of views, it’s interesting for any trader who wants to sell their product or service. That’s where Google comes in as a mediator between you and the advertiser! It pays you 68 percent of ad revenue, while the remaining 32 percent owns itself.

AdSense system

This system has been working on websites for a long time, and is called AdSense system, but in recent years it has moved to YouTube more actively because people are also using YouTube as search system – you will agree that when you are interested, it will be much more comfortable to watch video than to read instruction from a computer screen, hurt your eyes and filter generous amount of information.
The system works as follows – if you own a YouTube channel, you have at least 1000 subscribers and your channel has had at least 4,000 hours of viewing in 12 months (these are your minimum monetization requirements), you have the right to make a contract with Google. An agreement with which Google will allow you to place ads on your videos. You don’t choose the types of ads, that does google system itself, it depends on the theme of the channel and who enters your channel – Google knows everything about their interests, so it offers the visitors the ad that most likely interests them.

Info – graphic, whene is show, how do Youtubers get paid:

                                How do youtubers get paid

What is your goal?

Your goal is to get as many subscribers and channel viewers as possible – this increases the likelihood of appearing ads on your channel and the number of clicks on that ad.

Google will pay you money not for advertisement directly, but for clicking on that ad on your channel!  This is a sign that viewers are really interested in the proposed ad, and he has willingly shown interest in watching your ad. This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of the ad and makes watching the entire ad video, not so unendurable.
How we can bring out money? –  You will need an AdSense account for this. AdSense is a specially designed service by Google that provides placing ads on your website, YouTube channel, and etc. Once viewers click on the ad, you will be charged at least $ 100 in your virtual wallet, on the AdSense account, and you will be eligible to cash it.

There are several ways to do this:

  •  indicate your bank account,
  • send a bank check
  • or use the Western Union service.

The only thing to keep in mind is that Google doesn’t have a list of all the banks of all countries.

In the end, you will have to activate one easy button – “bring out money” and YouTube will send the money transferring on AdSense to you.

However, we often report on our site that YouTube does not make money solely on Google-offered ads. There are other ways they can make more money than AdSense offers. What are these ways:

  • Donation,
  • Affiliate Link,
  • crowdfunding.

    As for the technical details, How do YouTubers get paid…

In one of our articles, we discuss these techniques in detail. Of those listed, the best, as statistics show, are donations and affiliate links.  Tough it should be noted that these are all individual and depend very much on the content and visitors of the channel, – where they are from, and etc.

So, at the end of our article, I would like to advise you definitely do business with YouTube – it’s an opportunity to introduce yourself to the world, make new, exciting connections, and most importantly, earn and get a lot of money with a fun activity.
More Information about this theme you can find in our Websites article on on Forbes.

So I want to wish you good luck with YouTube!